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 one hopeless wave crashed upon another, Nov 2017 | Paris, France | Tag Bobby
Anna Marie D'ancanto
 Posted: Nov 28 2017, 04:04 AM
Twenty Four AGE
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While Marie loved her job, there were times like this when it was just plain stressful. She should have been having a relaxing evening at home but instead, she found that not even the scene of her pet chickens chasing her dog around the coffee table could really pull her mind away from all of the investigations going on at work. They were still dealing with the fact that no one had come forward about Lila Cheney's death, a high profile mutant had been slain and yet there was no real leads and tensions were still running high. She grumbled because she seriously needed a vacation, she just needed some time away from everything to decompress.

Sighing softly she decided that what she needed to do was get out of the house, it was not late enough in the year to have snow but thinking about snow had her wondering when the last time she'd spent any amount of time with Bobby Drake was.

Want to have lunch? I'm buying.

Her text seemed pretty straightforward and she left the table and all of her case notes alone to go see if she could pick out something to wear. She was just checking the weather app on her phone when Bobby's reply buzzed in, he was apparently in Paris if the picture he sent was to be believed. Marie debated it, looked again at the cheeky selfie that Bobby had sent of himself in front of the Eifel tower and she would not help the wistful yearning, she wanted to get away for a bit why not head to Paris to spend some time with Bobby? A quick google search told her the distance of the flight and it honestly didn't seem that far, not for someone who could fly as fast as she could. She'd probably show up in Paris ready to eat a horse but being famished didn't seem like that bad of an idea.


I can meet you for a late lunch if I zip over there now, you can buy me a baguette and we can catch up. See you soon.

She had not expected to be leaving to France so suddenly, but after putting the chickens away in their little coop and making sure there was food in her dog's dish she just called the dog walker she used and asked them to check on her animals while she was gone. The case notes, however, were gathered up and put into her safe, she didn't need that sort of stuff sitting out for the dog walker to stumble upon. She dressed quickly, packed a bag in case she decided to stay in Paris overnight and then locked the door behind her before she took off.

Admittedly it was a bit strange to fly over the open ocean, her phone stopped getting reception part way across and she worried that she wouldn't be able to find her way without her GPS to guide her. She didn't really end up needing it as flying in a straight line was actually pretty easy, she'd enjoyed the time out over the water where she could just be reflective while flying high enough not to see her reflection in the water below. When she arrived in the city she ended swooping down suddenly into the alley between two buildings so that she could get herself fixed up and looking presentable without drawing too much attention to herself. A few moments later she'd brushed the dust from her leather jacket, finger combed the snarls from her hair, and put on a coat of lipgloss. The lip gloss brought a smile to her mouth though, thinking churlishly that maybe if she had an entire bottle of perfume to soak herself with and an entire can of hairspray to tame her blonde locks into submission she could have landed looking just as dressed up as Sunny had when they'd met her. She was still rolling her eyes over that girl before heading off to where she was supposed to meet Bobby.

"Heya Sugah you been waiting for me long?" She smiled at her friend before looking around, she'd not been planning to go to Paris when she woke up this morning, "So what had you coming all this way anyway? I mean I am glad that you did or else I wouldn't have had the need to come out here... In fact, I don't know if I ever flew that far before, kind of a nice trip though."

@Robert Drake

Robert Drake
 Posted: Nov 29 2017, 05:19 PM
Twenty Three AGE
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It was a great day to be in Paris. Why? Because it was fucking Paris. Stripes. Berets. Cool art. A big pointy tower. Baguettes. It was the best, Europe was just freaking awesome and that was all the reason Bobby needed to book some time off and go away for a few days. It was fun to relax on a plane, listen to some music and watch a couple of movies, then land on the other side of the world away from all this freaking mutant political stuff he was saturated with. The Mansion was his home and he loved it dearly, but Christ on a cracker he needed some space away from there every now and again.

Such as now. The ice mutant made his way around the capital of France with restrained glee, though the toothy smile on his face may have given away his pleasure as he went from place to place, prodding at baguettes, sipping at coffees, and nibbling pastries. He even paid for them. The weather was rather cool, with a promise of rain that never came, and Bobby revelled in the snappy frost of the mornings, the dull sunshine of the afternoon, and the sharp shock of the nighttime cold. He did behave this time and make sure he was wearing appropriate attire, some skinny(ish) jeans (so as not to crush anything valuable), and a jacket that looked like it was probably warm. It was one of those trendy checked red ones with toggles, and he wore it open but most of his shirt beneath was hidden by his volumous, equally trendy dark red scarf that was draped around him like a crime scene had taken place on his neck.

All in all Bobby fit in with the European ideal, the travelled arty folk and the precocious peacocks of the streets looking for vintage coffee and the ultimate halloumi experience. But he was alone, and it didn't take long for the man to remember an important fact: he hated being by himself for more than a few minutes at a time. So when the text from Marie came through he was quick to throw on his best smile and snap a selfie, making sure of course that the Eiffel Tower was behind him. It wasn't as if the woman could come over and holiday with him but hey, they could text. It had been a while actually, when did they last really have a conversation? She'd been a bit weird in the last few months, but maybe Bobby was just not seeing her often enough to get used to the woman she was becoming.

It's fine to do our own thing, Bobby reminded himself, though he did chortle when she oh so casually mentioned popping over to France of all places for lunch. Like it was some restaurant in New York! That woman, honestly... but hey, if she wanted to fly all the way here then that was up to her, Bobby wouldn't say no. He'd give her the biggest, baddest baguette she'd ever stuffed in her mouth and hey, he had plenty of time to find one.

By the time Marie had safely landed fuck knows where in Paris, Bobby had managed to procure no less than four different baguettes, all as pompous and ridiculous as one another but no doubt fascinating to a fellow American. He held the bags up proudly (though they were brown paper, so their contents could only be surmised by his friend). "Girl, I was waiting for so long I nearly grew a damn beard, so I wouldn't need you after all," he said. "Come here." He gave her a peck on the cheeks, it wasn't as if that would kill him unless he held on for too long, and he knew better than to try that. "I can't believe you actually flew here, you crazy lady, but I'm glad you did! It's good to see you!" The ice mutant gestured to the main streets, "there's a park over this way, we can sit under the trees and eat these baguettes. I bet they suck but when in Paris, you eat all le baguettes. That's French, you know. Hey, you wanna hot drink or something? There's loads of coffee going round."

He was going to get a drink anyway, so he passed Marie the baguettes and went to one of the corner stands where a bored looking man was waiting for customers. Though he did sigh a little at the sight of the excited American bounding his way over. "Excusez-moi," he said grandly, "I would like... I mean je voudrais.... un chocolate chaux!"

"I speak English sir," the man said as he went to pour out a drink for Bobby.

"Oh France, so quirky," Bobby said. He looked back at Marie, "Do you want anything? A cup of coffee? Tea? Water? Coke? Bobby's buying! I know you said you'd buy but you just flew all the way here so shhhh. Then we can see just how shitty these baguettes are, I mean who stuffs a baguette with-" the man broke off as his little cup of hot chocolate was placed on the counter, and he handed some Euros over.


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