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 Clinical Cure: Clinical Masacure, Tag Mary
Trinity Morgan
 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 04:44 PM
Twenty six AGE
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January 12, 2018

The current situation wasn’t her favorite thing in the world. Sure, she loved killing people and destroying things as much as the next Brotherhood member. Still, without being on the same team as Jenny, it seemed completely unfair. The two had always operated on the same team since they’d been reconnected. Trinity didn’t feel like she was in the best mood for this type of situation. She wanted to watch the human faces as Jenny made them cry out with her shadow powers.

They’d taken a car to the address in Queens. The time of day wasn’t a bad one. Trinity knew there would be people out and about midway through the day. Waking up just an hour and half earlier, Trinity was sipping on her coffee as the duo waited for the time to unleash hell. ”How do we wanna do this thing?” Trinity said looking at her phone. ’It’s almost time. I could throw a car through the front of the building?” That idea did seem pretty fun. Throwing a car didn’t take much effort and it would leave the still living humans pretty shaken.

’It would give us time to stroll into the place. Destroy the cure and all the leftover humans.” Trinity said looking at her phone again. Opening the messenger function and typing off a message to her sudo-girlfriend. Trin said how it wasn’t fair they weren’t killing with each other and how she wouldn’t get to look at Jenny being all sexy with human blood on her. Taking a quick selfie of herself making a duck face with her full lips. Then sending the picture off and putting the phone back into her black leather jacket.

She’d never worked with Mary before, although she’d seen the woman within the Brotherhood before. Trinity had only heard stories about Typhoid, and of her powers. Enough to know that she didn’t have to constantly keep an eye on the woman. ”You got someone?” Trinity said trying to make small talk and realized that she didn’t really know what to say to the other woman.

@Mary Alice Walker

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Mary Alice Walker
 Posted: Yesterday at 06:36 am
thirty-five AGE
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Mary was beyond uncomfortable right now. She'd known that Magneto hadn't been kidding about the call, but she had been hoping for something subtle. Ambushing various labs with the Cure and destroying everything there...not subtle. Granted, there were probably various stealthy and sneaky ways to execute such a mission, but Mary didn't know anything about that and Typhoid certainly wouldn't be interested unless Mystique was leading that particular charge. No one was going to have that happen, though the loose cannon was best leashed when the deadly metamorph was on hand. Evidently, seeing Mystique at the meeting was sufficient. Go figure.

As for actual teams, they were pair with Trinity. She wasn't too familiar with the other woman and Typhoid didn't know her at all. Mary had seen the woman in passing a few times, usually with another woman who she didn't know well. Mary guessed they were close friends. Typhoid would have been able to make a sliiiight correction on the 'close' part. In any case, Typhoid, in her usual uncooperative fashion, had told Mary not to bother her until the 'fun part' came. That was typical, but highly inconvenient at the moment. This was a team exercise and it was going to be a bit tricky to explain a partner switch. Typhoid probably wouldn't bother, simply basking in the confusion. No one knew about their 'party trick' other than the tip top of BH leadership, and Mary preferred to keep it that way. If not for Typhoid's unhealthy fixation on redhead shapeshifters, they wouldn't be in this mess at all. Well, Mary called it a mess. She was sure that Typhoid was having a grand time.

”How do we wanna do this thing?”

Not at all? Not an option, of course, and it'd sound quite odd coming from a supposedly faithful BH member. Mary tried not to say much of anything, as her hesitation could easily translate to something offensive to the more...dedicated BH member. She didn't know if Trinity was such, but wasn't going to take her chances saying something too stupid. Trinity's first recommendation blew away all hope that she might be the stealthy type. Oh, she was a get-in-and-get-done sort it seemed, but a car through the front entrance...welp.

"It would give us time to stroll into the place. Destroy the cure and all the leftover humans.” This was all said very casually as the woman texted away and seemed to take a picture of herself? Ah great, she enjoyed this sort of thing. Typhoid would love her. Destructive, doesn't care, and bonus for the black leather. Speaking of, "To tell you the truth, I'm just a placeholder until Typhoid comes. She said she would come when 'the fun starts'." Mary fiddled with her phone under the table. As for the plan, well, it'd probably be fine. Typhoid wouldn't care. "She likes destruction, so I'm sure she'll love your plan. If you open a path, she'll burn her way through. Just be careful, her fires start very abruptly," re: instantly, "so try not to stand in her direct line of sight." Granted, Typhoid could torch blindly, but usually didn't. After all, she could accidentally set off something that would end up hurting herself. They weren't immune to the results of their own power.

She held up her phone, not that she needed it, but she had to put on a show here. "Are there any warnings about your powers that I should pass on to her?" Beyond that, Mary honestly didn't have much to contribute. She would say that maybe they shouldn't waste time on the humans, but that would probably fall on deaf ears...on both sides.

”You got someone?”

Mary blinked several times before figuring out that Trinity was asking about a romantic partner of some kind. While Trinity was treading slowly because Mary was a total stranger, Mary had the added handicap of not being too used to people simply talking to her normally. Trying extremely hard not to think of what happened the last time she 'had someone', Mary shook her head. "I don't; and it's probably better that way." Safer. "Do you?" That's the correct thing to ask next...right? She pointed to Trinity's phone. "Is that who the picture was for?"

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