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 Can I Help?, Cameron / Peyton
Peyton Powers
 Posted: Nov 13 2017, 08:16 PM
22 AGE
Peyton PowersPeyton Powers is Offline

Cameron Lyrall was one of the many people that were now Peyton’s charges. And Cameron Lyrall was one person that Peyton found herself particularly concerned for, yet fascinated by. Peyton had read through Cameron’s file, and from it she learned that Cameron’s mutation had fused their mouth shut. Cameron no longer received their sustenance from organic matter. In order to survive, Cameron formed a sort of parasitic relationship with the people around them and fed on some type of energy. Peyton had to wonder how this energy provided the essential nutrients for Cameron’s body to properly sustain itself, or if it was doing that at all. Why hadn’t anyone set poor Cameron up with a feeding tube? Or perhaps Cameron themselves didn’t want the tube. Regardless, that was only one point on the extensive list of concerns Peyton had for Cameron’s physical wellbeing. Peyton couldn’t imagine the toll it would take psychologically as well. Never being able to taste food again, suddenly not able to speak, things people often took for granted. That lack of a secondary airway was concerning as well. One bad sinus infection or even a cold, and Cameron wouldn’t be able to breathe. Cold and flu season must be hell for Cameron. All things considered, Peyton wouldn’t be able to sleep well at night if she didn’t even bother to check up on them and make sure they were okay.

Peyton took it upon herself to use Cameron’s contact information to reach out to them. She sent them a text:

Good afternoon, Cameron Lyrall. My name is Peyton Powers, and I am the nurse practitioner at the Xavier Institute. I hope I am not reaching you at a bad time of day. I was wondering if you would have a moment to visit with me sometime today. I wanted to go over a few things in your file, if that was alright with you. It will only take a short amount of time. If you can meet with me, my office is in the medical bay in the subbasement. I’ll be in there all day and into the evening. If today doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll gladly reschedule to fit your schedule better. Thank you for your time, and I hope we’re able to meet

It was a little formal for a text message, but Peyton figured it’d be weird if she wasn’t professional about it. Now, she just had to wait and see if Cameron would show…

Cameron Lyrall
 Posted: Nov 26 2017, 02:15 PM
18 AGE
Cameron LyrallVirus is Offline

Of course.

It only had to be a matter of time before the world decided to probe into their life again, and Cameron wasn’t surprised. They saw the strange message, and read it more than once to check there was no underlying tone of something they didn’t want to see. No words read like it was judging, no mention of a gender, which was, yes, actually, a good sign. Some of these teachers had made too many mistakes to make Cameron trusting of this damn school now. If only they could sigh… Part of them considered not going, really they did… but... it was better to go than get an angry phone call from Stacy saying they hadn’t seen a doctor.

Standing off their bed, Cameron gave another last look in the mirror, making sure their outfit did not betray them in this moment. No support, no telling anyone they actually liked where they were going. A winter dress buttoned almost like military jacket, it was a hooded thing that was… odd, but as if it had been ripped out the page of a magazine. They needed this, something strong yet feminine to protect them in this moment, where they may end up feeling vulnerable again. If this doctor wanted to talk about their mouth, yes, they might have to pray there wasn’t a gag reflex in them anymore. Knowing the halls now like the back of their hands, Cameron closed their eyes and walked to the door of the bedroom they shared with the pink haired idiot and hoped this wouldn’t go badly.

The medical bay smelt. Always did, always would, and Cameron couldn’t exactly breath through their mouth to ignore it as they walked to where they had been invited. It was a brave deep breath that made them finally knock on the door, standing at the doorway. “I’m looking for Peyton Powers?” No doubt it was the woman they were asking, as no one else was around here… but it was always polite to check, wasn’t it? “They asked me to come down here and didn’t exactly tell me why but… well, Colour me curious.” The put their hand on their hip and kept their head up, screaming confidence - faking it so well that even they believed they had more of it than might be real. Cameron’s solid blue eyes just watched, waiting as if looking for a sign of weakness of something judging them so they could just storm out if needed.

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