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 Call To Action, One Shot For ALL Brotherhood
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 06:50 AM
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Magneto looks around the room for a moment, taking in those that have answered the call to action. He makes sure to meet the eyes of each Brotherhood member, acknowledging them and giving them a nod. “I will not bandy words with you,” Magneto begins. “I have the location of several targets and a plan,” he states directly to the point.

We shall attack and destroy the clinics the Homo sapiens have set up where they administer their so-called ‘CURE’. We shall strike at multiple locations at the same time and they shall be hit and run attacks. I do not mean for this to be an extended or prolonged fight with the Homo sapiens. Not THIS time at least. It is simply a message. A message that we will not sit idly by while they try to eliminate the Children of the Atom. A clear message for them that there are still those who would defend the children of the next generation. That we will fight for not only our right to survive but for our rightful place in this world,” he says with fervent belief.

Each team will need to enter their target, remove any mutants from the danger zone, and then bring the clinic down to the ground,” Magneto simply states. “I want total destruction of the clinic and all of its supplies. Make sure that all of their ‘Cure’ is destroyed,” he added meaningfully. “I don’t want any collateral damage among our brothers and sisters if it can be helped,” he says with determination. Magneto was a realist and knew that it was possible there could be resistance from those at the target locations. Even if they were mutants, those that resist or try to oppose the Brotherhood would be dealt with swiftly and decisively. “Do not let ANYONE deter or stand in your way. You will be there with a purpose and I expect each of you to accomplish our goals, no matter what.”

Looking at each individual once more Magneto concludes this briefing. “I will meet privately with each team and those individuals with more specific instructions to work out all the minor details with you,” Magneto tells the assembled Brotherhood members. “This will be a coordinated effort, not a free for all,” he added looking at a few specific Brotherhood members known for their penchant towards improvised and sometimes unnecessary violence.

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